Taking the Stress Out of Learning Chemistry and Physics

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Chad's Videos

Enjoy Learning Science!

Chad's video lectures are designed to present the subject material with both clarity and efficiency.  His incorporation of humor and analogy makes even complex topics understandable, memorable, and enjoyable.

Quizzes and Exams

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice is the most important component in mastering a topic. Chad has carefully constructed quizzes and practice exams to maximize learning and retention.  [Included in premium courses]

Over 2500 questions and 700 video solutions and counting!

Study Guides & Cheat Sheets

Taking notes was never easier!

Comprehensive study guides are provided for each of the premium courses to facilitate note-taking.  Cheat sheets, reaction summaries, and more are also available for many courses.

[Included in premium courses]

Chad's Videos Testimonials

General Chemistry

Review of Chad's Videos

5 stars

Shannon Y.

For me, these chemistry videos gave me the confidence and joy in learning chemistry for the first time. Chemistry was always that subject that I just kind of dodged. Somehow I was never able to understand the chemistry taught to me in high school and college four years ago. I got so frustrated with just memorizing things and not understand a single thing about what was actually going on. Learning from Chad has got to be one of the best decisions I have made, as he has turned this subject into something I am looking forward to learning about and teaching me foundations that have been long overdue. I am not one with the videos yet, but I have to say they are truly wonderful.

Organic Chemistry


5 stars

Husban S.

Hey guys, so I found out about chad a few years ago when i was in high school and trying to get ahead. I used his videos for him to explain concepts and problems i could never understand in class. Now I am currently taking Organic chemistry and I havent been to class in over a month or two and only watch Chads videos and i still get almost perfect scores on the test. Chad is great. USE his videos and take notes.

General Physics

Chad for the win

5 stars

Shad M.

Chad's videos saved my grade in general college physics! My professor at school was super hard to follow. So along with going to class I watched these videos for each chapter. Chad explains the concepts in a way that I understand. He also works through sample problems for each section of each chapter which is super helpful. I definitely recommend using his videos to study.

Chad's High School Chemistry Master Course

1 Full Year of High School Chemistry

Covers 16 Chapters

Chapter Study Guides

Quizzes and Chapter Tests

Over 800 Practice Questions

Video Solutions

In-Lesson Discussions


Chad's General Chemistry Master Course

1 Full Year of General Chemistry

87 Videos Covering 20 Chapters

Gen Chem Study Guide (70 pages)

90 Quizzes, Chapter Tests, Final Exams

Over 1200 Practice Questions

Video Solutions

In-Lesson Discussions

9.99/mth  or  $30/semester

Chad's Organic Chemistry Master Course

1 Full Year of Organic Chemistry

223 Videos Covering 22 Chapters

OChem Study Guides (160 pages)

60 Quizzes, Chapter Tests, Final Exams

Over 800 Practice Questions

Video Solutions

In-Lesson Discussions

9.99/mth  or  $30/semester

Chad's General Physics Master Course

1 Full Year of General Physics

120 Videos Covering 25 Chapters

Physics Study Guides (80 pages)

Physics Equation Cheat Sheet

50 Quizzes

Over 500 Practice Questions

In-Lesson Discussions

9.99/mth  or  $30/semester

"I Love watching Chad's videos. His lectures have been instrumental in re-learning chemistry concepts that I've long forgotten! I especially enjoy how he relates the content with realistic scenarios so that I can understand the content better. The quizzes at the end of each section really help cement the content in. It's even more helpful when the explanation, along with a video is provided for each right or wrong answer. I am extremely grateful and thankful that he not only takes the time to make these videos, but he does it in such a way that it's easier to learn and/or recount past teachings. I highly recommend his videos to anyone and everyone needing refresher's for hard chemistry subjects or for those who want to gain a better understanding of content learned. Thank you so much! You're heaven sent!!!"